Welcome to Southern Belle Constructions

At Southern Belle Constructions, we pride ourselves on being the luxury home builders. Tell us how you envisage your perfect home, and we’ll build it for you. Everyones dream home is different, so each house we build reflects what our clients have pictured and saved for, for so long. We build luxury homes that reflect each of our clients visions. At Southern Belle Constructions, we are committed to our clients by building their vision into a reality.

Welcome to Southern Belle Constructions, where the possibilities are endless…

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Why Choose Southern Belle Constructions?

At Southern Belle Constructions, we are not simply a construction business, but a proud team of master builders and crafstmen who have retained a commitment to tradition, delivering the client something of luxury and individuality they can be proud of, as much as we are. We can build on a fixed contract tender, cost plus builders margin or project management. We provide the dream home building service from house construction, and pools to landscaped gardens.

We don’t just build new homes, we also build home extensitions, additions, attic conversions and internal renovations. We aren’t simply home builders, we are specialists in dealing with all types of site. We deal with waterfront properties, steep slopes, and locations with difficult access, which pose no problem for us. We can build any design you come to us with, and ensure luxury and beauty are the result. At Southern Belle Constructions, we work with architects to ensure an architecturally beautiful construction is the outcome.