About Us & The Industry

We’re a small family business with 33 years’ experience in conventional carpentry and joinery, and 18 years in construction. I started as an apprentice alongside my father, a traditionalist. He expected perfection first and profit second.

In the years I worked as a carpenter and joiner, much was to be learnt from other builders’ mistakes. These mistakes were made because they couldn’t pay for the best tradesmen, simply due to them competing with the cheapest quote to win the tender. I learnt that precision comes at a price: reward your workers appropriately and you’ll keep the best tradesmen in the business, and build to the highest standard.

I’m proud that Southern Belle Constructions upholds the values my father instilled in me.  If you’re looking for hands-on builders who are honest, hardworking perfectionists, you’ve come to the right place. 

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